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Welcome Back!

Hello all, as we all get ready to take out the lines, and harnesses from the hooks, finish all of the projects we procrastinated on this summer, and once again get ourselves ready for another season with our best friends … Read More

Below you can see some of the more recent posts from 2017. You can see archived race results here.

For the most up to date info, follow along on our Facebook page!

Attention Mushers:

The 2018 Burger Run has been canceled due to difficulties on the upper portion of the trail to Angel Creek. Additionally, an insufficient number of teams had signed up for the race. All entry fees will be returned and worked out with in a few days.

Come out to the Valley Funale On March 31, at Pleasant Valley Store and join us for the last race of the season.


Burger Run Update

Due to Poor trail conditions and heavy snow, TRDMA has moved the race until March 10, 2018. Race start time will not change. If by some chance we can not have it on March 10, all money from the teams who have entered will be refunded! If you have entered the race and can’t race on the new date please let us know, and we will refund your money now. Thank you for understanding and please come out and join us on March 10 for the 2018 Burger Run.

Thank you!

A word from our President and Vice-President, Amanda and Cathy:

Thank you to all the handlers, teams and dogs who signed up for the 2018 Two Rivers 100 and 200 races!

For Set Up of Check Points!
U.S. Army at Fort Wainwright. (The soldiers who came out and helped with the this race DEPLOY next week; be safe and come back home soon!)
Chandler Pate, Jonathan Herndon, Brandon Pride, Roberto Perez, Jorge Valenzuela, Bryce McGraw, Nathan Weed, Alec Clarke, Shepard and Tyler Herbrandson. Nick and Amanda Smith. Cindy at PVS. Jeff Ward and Charile Shoesmaker for wood, Paul and Ila Shone for Straw. Amanda Smith for painting all the new signs for the club and making the new flags for the all road crossing.

Chatanika Lodge:
Barb Moore, Dr. Dee and Alex, Cathy Turinsky, Chantelle Chase
Nick Smith, Brandon Pride, Elliott McBride, Mike Foote, Dr. Jerry Vanek, Amanda Smith, Kathi Feilder, Chatanika Lodge Staff and Ron & Shirley. Jewel Bennette, Scott Chesney. Aliy Zirkle for the trial report at the Mushers meeting. Amanda Smith, Nick Smith as trail sweep from Chatanika.

Two Rivers Lodge:
Wes Brightman, Krista, Bart Stewart, Cathy Turinsky, Dr. Dee, Meg and other vet students, Scott Chesney, Tami, Madison & Mykena Earle, Libby, Abby & Frannie Nelson, & Allison

PVS checkpoint:
Jewel Bennett, Rick Armstrong, Larry Jackson, Roberto Perez, Sylke & Silvia, Alex from Animal House Vet, Scott Chesney, Becky and Alex Alexander, Cindy, Holly, Karen for keeping us fueled with coffee, David Hamilton. Wes Brightman. Dr. Dee and Alex and Dr Jerry Vanek.

Angel Creek Lodge:
Mike Foote, Sebastian Schnuelle, Scott Chesney, Krista, Dr. Becky Childs, Steve
Verbanac and family at Angle Creek, Emily Rosenblatt, Brenda Mackey, Dr. Jerry Vanek

PVS finish:
Jewel Bennett, Chris Waigl, Rick Armstrong, Scott Chesney, Juile Boyce, Anka Peterson, Larry Jackson and family, Amanda Smith, Libby Nelson and family, Cathy Turinsky Mari Troshynski, Karen Greer and Holly Hines at PVS, Ed & Leslie, David Hamilton, Wendy Brightman. Amanda Brooks. Matt Zucker, Eric Zucker, Dr Dee.

Web updates: Chris Waigl and Mari Troshynski

Trail Support:
Bart Stewart, Abbie West, Ryne Olson, Tom Huntington and Tom Lesatz, Ketil Ritan, Aliy Zirkle, Judy Currier

All the check points: Chatanika Lodge, Two Rivers Lodge and Pleasant Valley Store and Angle Creek.

Special Volunteer Awards:
Jewel for making sure everyone started on time, and all her work at PVS

Mike Foote for his help at the mine road crossing and help at Angle Creek and his snow machine.

Chantelle Chase for getting everyone parked and in the right place.

Tami Earle and family for handling the road crossing at TR Lodge and checking out teams. Kathy Fecke, Charolette Davis, Cathy Turinsky, Amanda Smith, Ed and Leslie for manning the 27 Mile road crossing.

Ryne Olson for letting Nick and Amanda use her snow machine trailer to get the machine to Chatanika Lodge.

David Hamilton and Bart Stewart for picking up almost all the trail markers already for the entire race!!

Nick Smith for painting 500 markers by himself when the club was in need of them before the race.

Eric Milender for being so nice and letting Nick Smith use his snow machine so Nick could trail sweep.

Aliy Zirkle for buying markers herself and putting them on the trail so it was marked well.

Abbie West for her years and years of dedication and service to the trail and club, we wish her the best in her future endeavors as she moved on from the club for a while. She will still be on the trail ski joring and enjoying Two Rivers. Abbie we love you and will miss you. All the best.

Special thanks to the board:
Rod Boyce, Ryne Olson, Matt Hall and Amanda Brooks, Amanda Smith, Cathy Turinsky, and Emily Rosenblatt.

Musher recognitions awarded at the finishers banquet:

Vet Choice awards:
Jennifer LaBar for the 100.
Shaynee Traska for the 200.

Good Sportsmanship:
Lia Amundsen for the 100.
Chase Tingle for the 200.
And also Shaynee Traska for the 200.

Red Lantern:
Christine Roalofs for the 100.
Laura Allaway for the 200.

As you see it takes a village to make a race happen. A lot of moving parts and some how, some way, it all came together. Thank you to everyone that helped, the fantastic community we are a part of and all positive attitudes out there on the trial!

Two Rivers Mukluk Potluck 2017

Join TRDMA for our first annual fundraising dinner at the Pleasant Valley Community Center (mile 23 Chena Hot Springs Road) on Friday, December 15 from 7-11 pm.

We will have a fun evening of live music, food, drinks, a raffle and silent auction with donated items and hand crafted items. All proceeds go towards club operational costs and races such as the Two Rivers 200/100.

Entry is $20/plate + 2 raffle tickets ($10 kids under 10) or $15/plate + 2 raffle tickets if you bring a dish. We hope to see you there!

2017 Rabies Clinic: Oct 22

This post is to sign up for the annual TRDMA rabies vaccination clinic.

The event is taking place on Sunday, October 22, 2017 from 11 am to 3 pm at the Pleasant Valley Community Center (behind the Pleasant Valley Store, milepost 23). You can get your pet or whole kennel vaccinated for the low cost of $10 per dog or $15 per cat (prices subject to change based on the price of the vaccine).

Payment by cash or check due the day of the event, please.

To help getting everyone served without long waiting times, please pre-register and bring a list of all animals using our printable form. Here is how it works:

Step 1

Complete the form below (or go to the form on a new page).

Step 2

Download the animal list form, print it out at home, complete it, and bring it along. This form is important! It helps us with the event logistics and will remain in Dr. Olson’s records. (We will have forms on hand during the event.)

Step 3

Show up with your whole gang!

The 2017/18 race schedule is out!

TRDMA club events during the 2017/18 season will be:

  • Two Rivers Funjor, Oct. 15. A 5K canicross event, or 10K bikejor, or 1K canicross relay. Run it with a dog or bike it with a dog. Or run it with stuffed animal dog. Sign up online!
  • Solstice 50: Saturday, Dec. 23, Two Rivers. Signups start Dec. 1 online.
  • Two Rivers 200/100: Friday, Jan. 19 to Sunday Jan 21. Start at Chatanika Lodge. Signups start Oct. 8 online.
  • Hamburger Run: February. Date TBA. Two Rivers to Angel Creek Lodge.
  • Valley Funale: March. Date TBA. Pleasant Valley Store.

For updated information and upcoming links to individual race pages please consult the Races and Events page.

September 2017 membership & volunteer meeting – the season is starting again!

The 2017/2018 season is soon starting again, and there is a lot of business to take care of. We will therefore hold our first meeting of the season on Wednesday, September 6, 2017, at 7 pm at the Two Rivers Lodge. 


  1. Open board positions. The positions of President and Vice-President are currently open. Please consider putting your name forward!
  2. Volunteer positions: We will also need to re-organize and fill volunteer positions. Are you able to help with trail work, volunteer coordination, sponsor relations (!!) please let us know.
  3. Planned canicross race! As the first race of the season, a 5k canicross race (that is, a dog-powered runner — bring one live dog or stuffed dog) is in planning. Tentative date: October 14, 2017. Other details to be determined.
  4. Other old and new business.

Our membership year begins in September, and we will have membership forms and electronic payment for the 2017/18 season available soon.

(NOTE: The date was erroneously given as Tuesday, Sep. 5, in a previous version. We apologize for the confusion.)