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2013 Solstice sign-ups — we have snow!


Photo: Rod Boyce


The last few weeks, winter has gotten underway here in interior Alaska. A month ago, there was talk of a snow-free Halloween (narrowly avoided), but now, with a two good feet on the ground and some ice in the middle from a bout of freezing rain, things look different. The trails aren’t deeply set yet, and people are still exploring and opening the main routes, but it looks good for our Solstice races, scheduled for Dec. 21, three weeks from now.

Some sign-ups have been trickling in by mail. The status as of Nov. 30 is:

Solstice 50:

  • Moira Shepherd
  • Ryne Olson

Solstice 100:

  • Aliy Zirkle
  • Allen Moore
  • Heidi Sutter
  • Meghan Luke
  • Rod Boyce
  • Seth Barnes

We’ve heard interest from a lot more people, so send in your entries and/or come to the next TRDMA meeting (at 7 pm Monday Dec. 2 at the Two Rivers School) to help with the preparatory work.