2018 Two Rivers 200/100

Race updates

Two Rivers 200 :

Two Rivers 100:

Sign-up information

To provide some certainty to mushers and to minimize the necessity of a waiting list, the TRDMA board has voted to open the unfilled spots in the 100-mile race to both the 100-mile and 200-mile races. A waiting list will be started once the combined field size reaches its maximum of 40 teams.

  • Sign-ups opened on Sunday Oct. 8 at 10 a.m. and are now closed.
  • Entries close Sunday Jan. 14, 2018 at midnight (late sign-ups may be possible on request). Entries are capped at 40 teams combined between the two classes.
  • Entry fee for the TR200  – $300
  • Entry fee for the TR 100 – $150
  • Current TRDMA club membership of $30 is also required for a complete entry.
  • To help avoid any possible sign-up rush, please note that if one of the races fills to capacity within the first two hours of online sign-ups, all completed entries will go into a drawing for the available slots.
  • All remaining entries will be placed on the wait list in order drawn.
  • Entry fees are non-refundable. Exception: Wait-listed mushers who do not make it onto the start list will have their entry fee refunded.

Order of events

  • Thursday Jan 18, 6 p.m.: Bib draw and start banquet at Two Rivers Lodge (Spaghetti Dinner $16.50), 16 mile Chena Hot Springs Road. Spaghetti feed. Mushers must bring vaccination records to bib draw.
  • Friday Jan. 19, 9 a.m.: Breakfast buffet ($14.50) at Chatanika Lodge, 27 mile Steese Highway. Race starts at noon!
  • Finish is expected sometime Saturday afternoon at Pleasant Valley Store, 23 mile Chena Hot Springs Road.
  • Sunday, Jan. 21, 5 p.m.: Finish and awards banquet ($28.00), Two Rivers Lodge.

Race information

Please refer to the 2018 rules document (PDF), which includes an approximate trail description.

  • The TR200/100 purse has been set at a minimum of 50 percent of entry fees plus 100 percent of any non-refundable entry fees from mushers who voluntarily withdraw. Final purse amounts will be announced at the bib draw.
  • The purse amounts will be paid (subject to change) to the top five finishers in the TR200 and top two finishers in the TR100.
  • Officials:
    • Race Marshall: Scott Chesney
    • Race Judge: Sebastian Schnuelle
    • Race Manager: Amanda Smith & Catherine Turinsky
    • Trail: The TRDMA Trail Team: Abbie West, Bart Stewart, Aliy Zirkle, Ryne Olson, Tom Lesatz, Ketil Reitan , Judy Currier, Tom Huntington
    • Checkpoint managers: Wes Brightman, Rick Arnold, Jewel Bennett, Mike Foote
    • Vet team: Dr. Dee Thornell at Animal House Veterinarian Hospital
  • Dog requirements – Minimum of eight, maximum of 12.
  • Vaccination requirements – Rabies, distemper and parvo (records checked at bib draw)
  • Teams will depart starting at 12 p.m. Friday, Jan. 19 in two-minute intervals, with TR200 teams going out first. Please check the info board on race morning for your departure time.
  • A dog truck and handler are required for assistance with dropped dogs and gear. More than one team may use the same dog truck and handler. Working together is encouraged due to minimal parking availability at checkpoints.
  • Mandatory gear: Cooker and fuel, food sufficient for one feeding, cold weather sleeping bag, ax, snowshoes, eight booties per dog, headlamp, snow hook, ability to stake out dog team, veterinary notebook.
  • Mandatory rest:
 TR200 – 10 hours total to be taken in 30-minute increments at musher’s discretion as to which checkpoint and for how long. Handlers are in charge of the time card
. TR100 – four hours to be served at Two Rivers Lodge checkpoint.
  • Time differential:
 TR200 at Angel Creek Lodge
. TR100 at Two Rivers Lodge.
  • Checkpoints:
 No unattended teams. Handlers must clean up straw and all other debris after their team’s departure. A half bale of straw will be provided for each team at every checkpoint.
 Mandatory gear will be checked upon arrival at checkpoints.
 Mushers must sign in and out of each checkpoint with checker at exact time of departure. Mushers will leave directly from where their team is at rest.
  • TR200 Mushers: Handlers are responsible for keeping track of your total rest time on card provided and will be verified by officials upon completion of race.

  • Assistance during race: This race is a qualifier for the Yukon Quest and Iditarod. Rules will be enforced as such. Handlers are allowed to place drop bags and straw in an easily accessible location prior to musher arrival at checkpoints and to assist with parking/departure of teams. No other help is allowed other than in the interest of dog and musher safety. This includes no assistance with dog food preparation.
  • Trail: 
Teams must complete course as marked or face possible time penalties or disqualification from race.
  • Cutoff times: All TR200 mushers must depart checkpoints by the following times or face disqualification:
    • Pleasant Valley Store, 12 p.m. (noon) Saturday Jan. 20;
Angel Creek Lodge, 10 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 20;
finish at Pleasant Valley Store, 12 p.m. (noon) Sunday, Jan. 21.
  • Trail is as in past years but is subject to change.
    • Start: Chatanika Lodge
    • Checkpoint 1: Two Rivers Lodge (46 miles)
    • Checkpoint 2/TR100 Finish: Pleasant Valley Store (47 miles)
    • Checkpoint 3: Angel Creek Lodge (30 miles)
    • TR200 Finish: Pleasant Valley Store (72 miles)


Facilities information:

We expect to have cold or hot water for dogs at every checkpoint, but mushers must be prepared to melt snow if necessary.

  • Chatanika Lodge opens at 9am on Race Day. Buffet breakfast will be available.
  • Two Rivers Lodge will open early on Friday afternoon to accommodate incoming teams and volunteers.
  • Pleasant Valley Store will be open all night Friday and Saturday. Musher sleeping area will be in the store stockroom. Mushers’ meal provided by PVS. Meal ticket in packet. Hot water available for dogs.
  • Angel Creek Lodge will be Open and food will be available.
    Cabin #4 is available on Saturday for Mushers, Handlers and Volunteers to rest.