2017 Valley Funale


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Join us for the final event of the season on Saturday, March 25, 2017 at the Pleasant Valley store! Our annual cookout. Adult, Junior and Kids Sled Dog Races, and the Easter Egg Hunt organized by Pleasant Valley Store.

The following race classes will be available:

  • Adult 20 mile (10 dog) and 10 mile (6 dogs)
  • Juniors 4 mile (open to ski-jor teams as well)
  • Kiddos circle course

Sign-up for races (adult and junior) will be on the day, starting at 9 am. Races start at 11 am.

Volunteers are needed!

  • 6 crossing guards, to secure driveways and side roads for our junior races
  • 3 timers
  • 5 people to help with sign ups
  • 1 Race Official (Adults and Juniors)
  • 2 Board Keepers for Juniors
  • 1 Picture Taker of all the events
  • 2 people to help with the Greedy Dog Contest
  • 2 other for other areas that need covered
  • 1 snow machine at mile  27 CHSR  (just in case the kids or Juniors need help)

To volunteer, please call/or email our volunteer coordinators:
Cathy 907-322-9599 northernwomen10@yahoo.com
Amanda 907-202-3374 adawnsmith1226@yahoo.com