2016 Two Rivers 200/100

The Two Rivers 200/100 mile race taking place on the familiar trails, but at an earlier date this year than in the past: Januuary 22-14, 2016. The 200 mile race is a Yukon Quest and Iditarod qualifier. Please see below for information about this event.

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Please note that at this point the winners have been declared at the finishers’ banquet on Sunday, January 24.

Trail Description

  1. The Trail will leave from Chatanika Lodge and head up to Cleary Summit. From there it will continue along the ridgeline around Fort Knox Mine over to Gillmore Dome. You will stay along the ridge until you go down a long hill near Smallwood Creek. You will now travel in the Little Chena River Valley, crossing the river and then turning out to Chena Hot Springs Road. You will be in the ditch for a very short time before turning onto Heritage Hills Road. You will turn back off the road after a mile and loop around to the Heritage Hills Trail system. You will arrive at Two Rivers Lodge from behind the pond to the west of the Lodge. (50 miles)
  2. You will then leave Two Rivers Lodge and immediately cross Chena Hot Springs Road with the assistance of your handler and volunteers. You follow along CHSR for a short time and then turn down Reynolds Road. It meets with the winter trail and you will turn west on that and follow it to the end. The trail travels through the AG Parcel, onto the Little Chena and then eventually, the Chena River. You will turn up river (that’s left for those who don’t know how to tell the difference). You wind around on the river for about 13 miles. You will jump off to the right and make a detour around the dam, heading out then u-turning back along the dike. You will turn off into the trees. Turn onto Caution Trail back down onto the Rosser and end up crossing a one lane bridge before ending up on Mullen Slough. You will continue on west down the Winter Trail, around the river loop before turning back towards Pleasant Valley. You will arrive at the checkpoint from the west. (60 miles)
  3. You we leave west from Pleasant Valley Store. Cross the road at 27 mile and just follow the Winter Trail all the way to Angel Creek Lodge. (37 miles)
  4. You will come back the same way for about 25 miles but will then turn right onto Colorado Creek Trail and climb up to the Firebreak/Dozer Line. You will continue on this hilly ridge line all the way to Two River School Road and then drop into the Jenny M Creek Valley. You will cross under CHSR road and head over Jenny M Hill. You will drop back onto the same Mullen Slough Trail you did earlier but turn off the Winter Trail before going around that river loop again, instead heading up Pleasant Valley Road to the finish. (60 miles)

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Late sign-up are now closed again.

Sign-up process details

  • Race dates: January 22nd-24nd, 2016
  • Racers must be current, paid-up 2015/16 members of the Two Rivers Dog Mushers Association ($30 membership fee)
  • The race rosters are capped at 30 entires for the TR200 and 10 for the TR 100.
  • A completed race application form, race fee and current membership are required for a racer to be added to the race roster or waiting list.
  • Sign-ups open at this web page on October 18th, 9 am AKDT, and close on January 10th at midnight AKST.
  • In the event musher interest exceeds the number of available starting slots we want to avoid a sign-up rush. Therefore, all complete entries that arrive within the first two hours of sign-up (Oct 18, 9 am to 11 am AKST) are treated on an equal footing. If within this initial 2h time slot we receive more entries than there are places available on the race roster, the starting mushers will be determined by random drawing from this pool of entries. The remaining mushers will be assigned randomly to the first places on the waiting list. Any musher who signs up after 11 am on Oct 18 will be added to the roster (or, if full, the waiting list) in the order their complete race entry is received. You will not have an advantage by signing up at 9 am on the dot as long as you sign up before 11 am. PLEASE TAKE YOUR TIME.
  • Race fees: 200 mile race: $300 / 100 mile race: $150.
  • Late sign-ups (as per special announcement) require an extra $25 late fee.
  • Fees are payable through PayPal. A PayPal account is not required (VISA and MasterCard accepted)
  • Mushers on the waiting list who are not bumped up to the race rosters will receive a refund of the race fee after January 10th. Otherwise, race fees are non-refundable. Refund requests in cases of exceptional hardship may be submitted to the board for a vote.

Race information:

  • Race marshall: Sebastian Schnuelle
  • Race manager: Stacy Snyder
  • The complete race document including race rules and trail description (both subject to modification) is available here.
  • Mushers  start with 8 to 12 dogs on the line
  • Start banquet with mushers’ meeting and bib draw: Two Rivers Lodge, January 21st, 2016
  • Race start: Chatanika lodge, January 22nd, 2016, noon
  • Race finish (both classes): Pleasant Valley Store
  • Finish banquet: January 24th, TR Lodge
  • Checkpoints: TR Lodge, Pleasant Valley Store, Angel Creek Lodge
  • TR200 Minimum Purse of $8,500 with top 5 finishers paid.
    TR100 Minimum Purse of $1,300 with top 2 finishers paid.
  • More information about trail, checkpoints, rules and purse will be made available on this page as planning progresses.

Please watch this page and refer to our Facebook page for news and updates.