2014 Solstice 50/100

Updates of January 3, 2015:

The race is on today! Temperatures have dropped firmly below 0 °F and the trail is hard and fast.

In the Solstice 50 mile race, Aliy Zirkle of SP Kennel in Two Rivers was the only entrant, running a team mostly composed of yearlings. She finished at the half-way point at 17:58 (5:58 pm) with a run time of 5:28 hours.

Standings for the Solstice 100 mile race are below and will be updated as information becomes available. The order is by run time.

Here is a photo of Will Rhodes, the winner, at the start, photographed by our volunteer photographer and Facebook updater, Sand Steffenson. More pictures by her here. Scott Chesney also has a wonderful album up.



Updates of January 1, 2015:

The snow situation has made it necessary to limit the field to 40 racers. As there are open places available, mushers are cordially invited to sign up on race day (identical fee). Our trail crew has put together a full 100 mile trail — full briefing for signed-up mushers during the mushers’ meeting.

Race officials are:

  • Race Marshall: Jessica Hendricks
  • Race Managers: Stacy Snyder & Abbie West



This decision was made after several attempts to use traditional and non-traditional trail options throughout the Pleasant Valley to reach 100 miles proved unsuccessful due to washouts, low snow and a late freeze up causing river/pond ice being unstable at best.

Current trail options would require stretches of common trail, head on passes and a shortened race route that backtracks on itself too often and would not contribute to the best interest of the dogs and mushers safety and satisfaction that TRDMA strives to provide for the mushing community. Therefore, the race is postponed from the original date of December 20 to the fall-back date of January 3. 



Registration opened on Thursday, December 11, at 6 pm AKST and is now closed.


The race fee is:

  • $200 — 100 mile race
  • $100 — 50 mile race.

Race sign-up will be organized differently from previous years. There will be two opportunities for sign-up:

  • In person: In person on Thursday, December 11, 2014 between 4 pm and 8 pm AKST at the Pleasant Valley Store, Two Rivers, AK, mile 23 CHSR, with payment by check or cash.
  • In person on race day, before 9 am at the Pleasant Valley Store (limit: 40 racers, both classes counted together)
  • Online: Here on this web site with online payment (Paypal), opening on Thursday, December 11, 2014 at 6 pm AKST.

Please carefully read the race rules (PDF) for all questions.

Forms to print out for in-person sign-up: race application (PDF)  –  membership form (PDF)


I want to come to the in-person sign-up and sign up myself and my kennel partner. Can we fill in the race application form beforehand?

Yes, and thanks for asking! You can download the race application form (PDF). In case you aren’t a member yet, we will have online membership sign-up available very shortly, or also bring the membership form (PDF) and fee to the sign-up. Cash or check only, please.

Who do I make out my check to?

Please make it out to TRDMA.

Can I sign up on race day?

If not all places are filled by race day and there is no waiting list, we will accept race-day sign-ups as usual at 9 am. Please watch this page for announcements.

I want to sign up online, but don’t have a Paypal account!

This is not a problem. Paypal accepts common credit and debit cards and doesn’t require you to create an account.

Isn’t this a lot more expensive than in previous years?! I remember $100/$125 for the 100 mile race.

Yes and we’d like to be clear about why we’ve done that. Unfortunately our trail maintenance costs have skyrocketed and we’ve been holding off passing on the cost, but two years of bad weather have caused extensive damage and we can’t afford to put the trail in without an increase in race entry fees. The members of our trail crew have been spending not only substantial volunteer time (which is normal) but also personal expenses (which is not). To have a well-maintained trail and a sustainable volunteer team, there’s not much we can do. We know this hits you in the pocketbook and we are truly sorry.

How will the fee change affect the purse?

The fee increase will also help make the purse more attractive. For this race, we’re planning on putting 60% of entry fees back into the purse and paying places 1 to 5. The exact payout amounts will be announced beforehand. Watch this page!

What trail will the race be using?

As usual, our trail crew will make the final decision about the exact race trail just before raceday as weather and snow conditions in December tend to be fluid. However, as we do not see a realistic chance that the Winter Trail to Angel Creek Lodge will be passable we are planning on a trail very similar to last season’s, with the checkpoint for the 100 mile race at the 36.4 mile shooting range.

How will drop bags get to the checkpoint?

As parking space is limited at the Shooting Range, TRDMA volunteers will be transporting drop bags and straw out to the checkpoint area. Please drop them off as early as possible on race day. Please see the race rules (PDF) for all details.

Will there be food for mushers at the checkpoint?

Yes, we’re preparing a hot snack (soup/sandwiches/chips or similar) and coffee.

Will there be live tracking?

Not for this race.

For all other questions, please first read the race rules (PDF). If you need any help or clarification, please feel free to email to info@trdma.org or on our Facebook group.