2014 Two Rivers 100/200 information for mushers

Trail description

  1. The  race  begins  at  Chatanika  Lodge  at  mile  28  on  the  Steese  Highway.  The  route  follows  a  series  of   trails  and  roads  to  Cleary  Summit  and  over  to  Iowa  Dome  before  descending  into  the  Little  Chena   River  drainage.  At the bottom of Iowa Dome, three miles of the trail has been graded as a logging road. Otherwise the trail is in good condition. After  crossing  the  Little  Chena,  the  trail  heads  toward  Chena  Hot  Springs  Road  and  the   first  checkpoint,  Two  Rivers  Lodge. (48 miles) 
  2. From  there,  it  will  cross  under  Jenny  M  Bridge, turns west and  follow  a  series   of  trails  using  the  Two  Rivers  trail  system, turn east on Baseline, pass Pleasant Valley Road and proceed via the Chena River Run  to  the  second  checkpoint,  Pleasant  Valley  Store, entering from the west. (65 miles)
  3. Out of Pleasant Valley Store westwards, the trail heads back south of Chena Hot Springs Road on Pleasant Valley Road, and turns left (east) at the bottom. It repeats a section of Baseline and the river run, then up north on HIPAS road crossing Chena Hot Springs Road  at  mile 27,  heading  out  to  Angel  Creek  Lodge  (third  checkpoint). (40 miles)
  4. The last leg is straight back to Pleasant Valley store on the same trail, but without repeating the river run.  The  finish  will  be  at  the  Pleasant   Valley  Store  checkpoint.  (40 miles)

Approximate Google map:

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The  finalized  trail  will  be   subject  to  change  because  of  weather or safety concerns. Greg Stoddard, our trail manager, will provide details at the musher’s meeting/bib draw.


On the section PVS -> AC, mushers will cross Chena Hot Springs Road at mile 27. The road crossing is approx. 32 miles from either PVS or AC. The ultimate responsibility for a safe crossing lies with the musher. Handlers are strongly encouraged to be present at the crossing when their musher crosses over to help ensure safety. This is not considered “assistance” as per the race rules and explicitly allowed. The crossing will be marked. All other trail crossings with Chena Hot  Springs Road (at  Jenny M Bridge and close to Angel Creek) pass under the road.

Handlers are responsible for transporting drop bags and any extra straw to the checkpoints.

What’s included?

  • Mushers as well as vets and key volunteers receive one entry ticket to the finisher’s and award banquet. 
  • One bale of straw will be provided to each 200 mile musher by the TRDMA at the Pleasant Valley Store checkpoint. Any extra straw must be provided by the musher and transported by their handler.
  • Sleeping/rest areas for mushers will be available at the Pleasant Valley Store and Angel Creek checkpoints.
  • Pleasant Valley Store offers groceries and fuel for sale and will be open all night Friday and until midnight Saturday. All lodges offer food for sale.
  • Cold water will be available at all checkpoints.

Notes on the Bib Draw on March 6

  • Check-in starting at 6pm AKST, spaghetti feed ($12) starting around 6:30, bib draw at 7pm
  • Mushers will receive bibs and mushers’ packs, trail overview and instructions for the start. The meeting is mandatory. 
  • Please bring your vet records. We will check up-to-date rabies certificates and proof of purchase or certificates of parvo/distemper (within the previous 12 months)
  • Any musher who wishes to use the Two Rivers 200 race as an Iditarod/Yukon Quest qualifier will need to register. We have Iditarod forms available, but feel free to download your own copy and fill in the musher name and race name
  • Tickets for the finishers’ banquet on March 9, 6pm AKDT, will be sold at the bib draw.
  • NOTE: Some mushers may still need to complete memberships. We will sort out these situations Thursday