2014 Chatanika Challenge

2013-3-07: The race has started. Updates here

2014-03-06: The bib draw has taken place. See below for the start order.

2014-03-03: Information for mushers is now online. The race rules were last updated January 5, 2014.

Musher list with bib numbers (start order):

Two Rivers 200 mile race

  1. Arthur Sutton
  2. Will Rhodes
  3. Nick Guy
  4. Raelynn Shover
  5. Rolland Trowbridge
  6. Riley Dyche
  7. Kristin Knight Pace
  8. Yuka Honda
  9. Mary Helwig
  10. Alan Eischens
  11. Patrick Beall
  12. Benjamin Good
  13. Chris Ciancibelli
  14. Matt Hall
  15. Tony Angelo
  16. Joanna Jagow
  17. Shaynee Seipke
  18. Amanda Gecas
  19. Thomas Lesatz
  20. Cody Strathe
  21. Zoya Denure
  22. Stephanie Ehlenfeldt

Two Rivers 100 mile race

3. Pato Geron
4. Derek Patton
5. Dennis Kananowicz

Race officials:

  • Race Marshall: Rick Armstrong
  • Judges: Thom Swann, Judy Currier
  • Trail boss: Greg Stoddard
  • Race management: Bill McKee, Scott Chesney

Event schedule

  • Thursday, March 6: Bib draw and paperwork. Start 6pm AKST at the Two Rivers Lodge. Bib draw starts at 7pm. Spaghetti feed for a fixed price ($15). Please bring your vaccination records.
  • Friday, March 7: Breakfast at Chatanika Lodge (approx. $12/adult) at 9am AKST; mandatory mushers’ meeting 10 am AKST. Race start: noon, in 2 min intervals (200 mile mushers first, 100/50 mile mushers afterwards).
  • Sunday, March 9: Awards banquet at Two Rivers Lodge ($32). 6pm AKDT (5pm AKST) — please note the clock change!

Race information

The Chatanika Challenge / Two Rivers 200 with its associated 100 mile race is the main event of the Two Rivers Dog Mushers Association racing season. This year’s event is scheduled for March 7-9, 2014, with bib draw/start banquet at the Two Rivers Lodge on March 6. The 200 mile race is a qualifier for the Yukon Quest and the Iditarod 1000 mile sled dog races. Please let us know beforehand if you would like to run the race as a qualifier. Also note that every participant has to be a member in good standing with the Two Rivers Dog Mushing Association. So if you (or your kennel) are not a member yet, please add a membership form and the appropriate fee to your application.

Two ways to sign up:

A. By mail:

  1. Print out and fill in the race application
  2. If you haven’t renewed your membership yet, please also print out and fill in a membership form
  3. Send both, together with your payment (check to the order of TRDMA) to our address: TRDMA, PO Box 16201, Two Rivers, AK 99716

B. Electronically:

  1. Fill in the race application online form
  2. Pay your race fee and membership by PayPal (buttons now removed)

Information on membership levels can be found on our Membership page.

Note: Sign-up in person at the bib draw (Thursday March 7, 6 pm, Two Rivers Lodge) is possible, but subject to a late fee of $25.

This page will be expanded with more information as it is finalised.