2013 Solstice 50/100

Update Dec 22, 2013: The final standings are in. Both races were highly competitive, and the local mushers pushed into the front ranks. Congratulations to our winners and all participants:

Solstice 100:

  1. Aliy Zirkle – 8:41:54
  2. Matt Hall – 8:46:46
  3. Allen Moore – 8:52:53

Solstice 50:

  1. Lance Mackey – 4:33:00
  2. Jessica Hendricks – 4:34:17
  3. Sebastian Schnuelle – 4:39:30



Our first race of the 2013/2014 season is planned for December 21, 2013, snow permitting. In case of insufficient snow cover, a decision to reschedule the race will be made on or around December 7. We have picked January 4, 2013 (2 weeks after the planned date) as a backup date.

The race will start at 11 am at the Pleasant Valley Store. Sign-up starts at 9 am. There will be a mushers’ meeting at approximately 10 am. We will have volunteers directing dog tracks/team vehicles to the large field in front of the store. Visitors are asked to park behind the store. Come out and see the Interior’s most famous mushing teams!

There will be a 50 mile and a 100 mile division. Trail conditions are impacted by the snow dumps and high winds over the last 2 weeks, which have brought down trees. Unfortunately, we couldn’t push through all the way to Angel Creek Lodge. The race course has been decided as follows:

The race will begin at Pleasant Valley Store and meander west to the Ag Fields near the Little Chena. The trail will loop back behind the store and cross CHSR at mile 27. The trail will continue to the shooting range which will be the finish of the 50 mile race and the checkpoint for the 100. The 100 mile racers will have a mandatory 4h layover and then run the same course backwards. The Rifle Range, at 36.5 mile CHSR will be a “remote” or “wilderness” checkpoint:

  • There may be water, but you should come prepared to melt snow.
  • There will be a small wall tent, but there won’t be room for everyone to sleep, and it’s intended more as a warm up tent.
  • We’ve been told that at least one person will be bringing a pot of caribou stew, but we can’t guarantee that there will be enough for everyone. You should be prepared to eat from what you have in your sled bag or drop bags.

To sign up:

  1. Fill in the race application
  2. If you haven’t renewed your membership yet, please also fill in a membership form
  3. Send both, together with your payment (check to the order of TRDMA) to our address: TRDMA, PO Box 16201, Two Rivers, AK 99716

Feel free to download and read the race rules. For all questions, please send email to info@trdma.org or ask on our Facebook page.

CLARIFICATION on race fees: An initial version of the race application erroneously put the race fee for the Solstice 100 mile race at $125. The race fee is $100 for the 100-miler and $50 for the 50-miler. We currently have 6 applications from mushers that over-paid (from 4 different kennels). All of these will of course be refunded $25 per musher. We will contact you, but if you would like to contact us, fees free to write to info@trdma.info. We apologize for our mistake.