Season-end: new board and looking ahead

During the membership meeting on April 1, 2015, all open board positions have been filled:

Ryne Olson as Treasurer
Matt Hall as Member at Large
Liz Fabian as Secretary

Committee positions:

Abbie West as Trail Boss

\Once again thank you to those that took the time out of their busy lives for the past year to serve on the board and committees. And a thank you to those continuing on as well.

The meeting minutes are on our meeting minutes page.

The schedule for next season’s races will be:

Solstice – December 19, 2015 (Race currently set to be 50 miler max. event)

Two Rivers 200 – January 22-24, 2016
Backup Date – February 11-13, 2016
Route will be determined nearing scheduled race date.

Valley Funale – March 26, 2016

For the 2015-2016 season we will be concentrating on one big race, the Two Rivers 200.

Trail condition and resource permitting we will hold shorter “fun run” type races throughout the season. These could very well be held on shorter notice, possibly a week out, so watch the page for updates!

Stay tuned for Sponsorship/Donation opportunities coming up soon. The new season starts now!

Thank you all for volunteering!


2015 TRDMA board elections coming up next week!

With the end of the 2014 – 2015 Season nearing we have Board/Committee Positions coming vacant. Thank you to those who have held them this past season.

The following positions will need to be filled at our April 1st Meeting. 7pm @ Two Rivers Lodge.

Member at Large
and Trail Boss

Please see the Election Notice below for information on open TRDMA positions and join us at the meeting if you would like to fill one of them. Without volunteers we have no Association.


Hold monthly Membership Meetings. Acquire all necessary permits with the State Parks and Recreation Division. Act as primary on Department of Revenue Gaming Permit and file for renewal yearly. Oversee gaming operations (pulltabs), vendors and deposit of funds in Gaming Account. Prepare yearly gaming revenue report for the State. Contact lodges and Pleasant Valley Store prior to races to approve use of area on announced race dates and set up any needed amenities (cabin rental, food for banquets, etc). Oversee TRDMA gear (coffee mugs, hoodies, stickers etc) printing and sales to include mailing out of online purchases.

Hold monthly Membership Meeting in absence of the club President. Act as secondary on Department of Revenue Gaming Permit. Assist President as needed.

Take minutes of meetings. Keep updated members and contact info. Keep the PO Box 16201 key and check the mail (at least twice per month). Buy office supplies when needed, and submit receipts to Treasurer. Collect electronic signups of races and in-person signups on race day (if applicable). Communicate with website manager to post race results. Keep TRDMA laptop, printer, and paper archives.

Work directly with vendors to make sure all TRDMA accounts/bills are in order. Work regularly with President and Secretary (often via phone/email) to ensure funds are available for purchases. Often requires regular trips (3 times a month or more) to the bank from Dec-April. Will also need to transfer funds to keep three accounts correlated: business, gaming and PayPal.

Act as a direct representative of the mushers who are members of the association. Bring any and all concerns of members who are unable to attend the monthly membership meeting to the attention of the board for discussion with the association as a group.

Ensure the race trails are safe and maintained (go out 1-2 times a week via dog or machine). Often requires weekly work to problem areas and regular brush cutting after heavy snows. Working chainsaws, come alongs, brushcutters, tow behind sleds and stakes should all be accessible. Often breaking trail requires going where no one has yet been. Knowledge of trail system, mileage and accessibility is a must.

Create yearly Sponsorship Programs. Keep Sponsors informed of events throughout the season. Send thank-you’s out at end of season.

Coordinate and recruit volunteers for all needed race positions. Keep an up to date list of volunteers with contact information. Hold volunteer meeting prior to races to place volunteers in needed positions.

Update information and oversee Create race entry forms, membership applications and any other online based forms that may be needed.

Season finale news

Dear members, friends and supporters, the 2014/15 season is drawing to a close, and we have some news to share:

1. The Valley Funale (see flyer below) will take place as usual on Saturday, March 28, at the Pleasant Valley Store. But there is news! We had representatives from the Junior Dog Mushers of the Interior at our March 2015 meeting last week, and are planning to add some junior classes for the 10 and 20 mile race as well as a 2-3 dog 3-5 mile loop for juniors only. There will also be the usual 1-2 dog races on the short loop for all children. We’re looking into trail options for that last one and will add volunteers to ensure our juniors have an enjoyable race on new trails!

2. Speaking of meetings, we now have this season’s meeting minutes up online for download. Click the link in the previous sentence, or look in the menu below “Membership”. Board elections will be coming up soon (watch this space for descriptions of offices and volunteer roles), so feel free to consult the minutes of this season’s decisions.

3. Stacy Snyder, the TRDMA president, has been working on a revamp of our beloved logo, to make it easier to print and embroider so that we can have good-looking TRDMA merchandise in the future. Stacy has also been looking into locally produced stickers and other options, and we will have “new-style” and “vintage-style” patches and maybe more objects for sale at the Valley Funale. They’ll be $5 (+ postage, if anyone wants us to send some).


4. Sponsorships have still been coming in. We are now up to 20 bib sponsorships — half-way to the goal. As we had to cancel this year’s Chatanika Challenge, this leaves more time for your business to get its name on a TRDMA racing bib! Sponsorship information is here.










2015 Chatanika Challenge cancelled

The 2015 Chatanika Challenge is cancelled.

Due to open water and other poor trail conditions, low sign up numbers and time running short we are forced to cancel this years race.

We will have the Valley Funale on March 28th and will post available race lengths closer to the day. All depends once again on trail conditions.

Thank you for your understanding.

Stacy Snyder
TRDMA President

Thank-yous, sponsors, races – let’s get going!

The Yukon Quest has come and gone through town — many thanks to the long list of TRDMA volunteers who have helped getting all 16 quest finishers safely across the road crossing east of Two Rivers. So a shoutout to Edie for coordinating (until the last minute before she left town), Amanda, Chase, Chris, Christian (who never was called out, even though he wanted to!), Darlene, Derek, Jeremy, Judy, Liz, Riley, Rob, Shaynee and anyone I may be forgetting here, as well as the Two Rivers Checkpoint (Becky Alexander) for donating the leftover straw to us and Bart to go out and get it on short notice.

We also welcome new sponsors. We are very very grateful to Randy and D’Ann Chappel for their extremely generous donation (which includes, but goes far beyond, a bib sponsorship), and to our second gold-level sponsors, Golden Heart Veterinary Services. Valley Hoe, Frisky Pups Bed and Breakfast, Kim & Harry Douglas, and Dawn Beckwell join our bib sponsors, bringing the total up to 18 19Many thanks to all of you!

And there is more: Donations and sponsorships for prizes for our upcoming 2015 Chatanika Challenge 100 and 200 mile races:

  • RES Metal Works has offered to make and donate trophies
  • Phoenix Rising Body & Paint is sponsoring a entry fee refund drawing: One finisher of the 100 mile and of the 200 mile race, respectively, will get will each be awarded their race entry fee in full (on top of any other earnings). The name of the lucky mushers will be randomly drawn at the Finish Banquet and the awardee must be present to win
  • … and there will be more, including a hand-made knitted hat

Which brings me to the last point: Registrations are open! Our trail crew is hard at work laying out an interesting, new and challenging race trail. Our volunteers are getting organized — let’s get racing! For all inquiries, don’t hesitate to email us at


Bib sponsor recognition

The Two Rivers 200 (and 100) mile race, the main event of our racing season, is only 5 weeks away, and thanks to the generosity of many businesses (and individuals!) we’ll finally be able to replace our old set of racing bibs!

Our gratitude goes to the following bib sponsors, truly a list of engaged and supportive small and/or local businesses and groups.

No Mountain Software
Alaska Rubber & Rigging
Phoenix Rising Body & Paint
Alaska Line Builders
Standing Bear Creations
The Tree King
Nicolle Hendrix (volunteer)
Boreal Peonies
Pleasant Valley Store
Trailside Mail
Tailspin Media
Howling Downs Peonies
Sunrise Kennel
and Carpenters Local 1243

Would you like to join your name to the list? There are 29 bibs still available to sponsor to reach our goal. Personal bib sponsorships are also gladly accepted and go to our new logo design and other set up fees.

Bib sponsorships are $100, and we have a full page of information about all our sponsorship levels. Or directly fill in the form below and get redirected to PayPal for payment (credit/debit cards accepted — you don’t need a PayPal account).

Thank you all so much for your support!

Become a bib sponsor and help us renew our aging race bibs!

Your personal name (required)

If you are a business, the name of your business as you want it appear on the bib

Email address to contact you (required)

After submitting this form, the page will redirect you to PayPal for payment of the $100 sponsorship. We thank you for your support!

Two Rivers 200 and 100 miles / Chatanika Challenge: Watch this space!

Our race planning and trail teams are hard at work preparing for the 2015 Chatanika Challenge dog sled races. This site will be updated shortly to provide you with more information, but for the moment, here is what we can tell you:
  • The race dates remain as announced, March 13-15, 2015, with a required bib draw and mushers’ meeting on Thursday March 12.
  • There will be a 200 mile and a 100 mile class.
  • The race will run through the same areas as in previous years — from the Chatanika valley over to the Two Rivers trail system and the Chena River State Recreation Area, ending at the Pleasant Valley store.
  • However, because of the increased logging activity and the overall bad state of some of our trails caused by the weather of the last two years, we have been looking at some changed and entirely new sections, to ensure we can offer all our racers an interesting event over a full 200 miles. As a consequence, checkpoint locations and even the exact start location are still being decided upon.
  • Sign-up will be entirely online, opening on Sunday February 8 at noon Alaska time.
  • Entries will be limited to 25 in the 200 mile class and 15 in the 100 mile class. If we receive more entries, available race slots will be filled on a first-come basis (complete & paid-up entries only) and the remaining applicants will be placed on a waiting list. This limitation is rather conservative, and if we find we have more space than expected we may revise the limit.
  • We will need volunteers to staff checkpoints, help with the start and general logistics. If you are available on the race weekend or shortly before, please leave a message here or on our Facebook page.
All other information will be provided in a few days — we’re working hard on hammering out the details. So watch this space – the race is on!


Happy New Year: Solstice 50/100 in 3…2…1… days

A very happy, inspiring and beneficial new year 2015 to all our members, supporters and friends!

Our 2014/15  is finally getting started tomorrow, January 2, 2015, with our Solstice 50/100 race, rescheduled from the original date 2 weeks ago. And we have to hurry — the days are already getting longer. Our trail crew has put it tireless work to assemble a full 100 mile trail (50 out, 50 back), starting at the Pleasant Valley Store, mile 23 Chena Hot Springs Road. We still have race slots available, so come along on raceday and sign up (between 8 am and 9 am)!

All information as well as race updates on this year’s Solstice race page.

Sponsors, sponsors, sponsors… and updates

It’s been snowing the last two days, and the decision about this year’s Solstice race will be taken shortly. Until this week, the outlook was very bleak! Stay posted.

Meanwhile, the season is underway. A record 342 dogs (and 4 cats) were vaccinated against rabies (full report to follow), trails are being inspected and repaired after this destructively wet summer, and our board has been busily asking for sponsors.

We’re particularly happy to welcome back our local mushing supplies store, Cold Spot Feeds, who have been a great support to our club over many years.

Cold Spot logo 4 CMYKWe’ve also had some great response to our new for bib sponsorships and will publish the list shortly. Want to become a sponsor? Don’t know what a bib sponsorship is? See our sponsorship flyer!

Our you could come to our December meeting, tonight (Wed. Dec 3) at 7 pm at the Two Rivers Lodge.

2014 Rabies Vaccination Clinic

As in previous years, the TRDMA is orgnaising a rabies vaccination clinic run by Dr. Jeanne Olson of Raven Veterinary Clinic, North Pole. It will take place on Saturday. November 15, 2014 from 11 am to 3 pm at the Two Rivers Community Center (behind the Pleasant Valley Store, milepost 23). You can get your pet or whole kennel vaccinated for the low cost of $10 per dog or $15 per cat (prices subject to change based on the price of the vaccine). Payment by cash or check, please. (There is an ATM at the Laudromat at mile 24 CHSR available.)

To help getting everyone served without long waiting times, please pre-register and bring a kennel animal list. Here is how it works:

Step 1

Complete the form below (or go to the form on a new page).

Step 2

Download the animal list form, print it out at home, complete it, and bring it along. (We will have forms on hand during the event.)

Step 3

Show up with your whole gang!