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2014 summer updates: PayPal, meetings

We are making upgrades over the summer. Temporarily, PayPal is not available, and we’re looking into the best way to bring electronic payments back for the next season.

Meanwhile, the next summer volunteer planning meeting is taking place Wednesday June 18th, 7 pm @ Two Rivers Lodge.

2014 Valley Funale results

Our season-end event, the Valley Funale, took place yesterday, March 29th, at the Pleasant Valley store. With an Easter egg hunt and community potluck, this is a nice fun event, with some adult races (10 dogs/20 miles and 6 dogs/10 miles) and kids races (1 dog, on a loop behind the Pleasant Valley Store). Results below!

10 dogs/20 mile

6 dogs/10 mile

Kids’ races

Season end: 2014 Valley Funale

We cordially invite everyone to our season-end event: 10 and 20 mile races for adults, fun races for children, potluck, and fun!

PLEASE NOTE that the sign-up for kids’ races will start at 12:30, a little earlier than the flier says.


Follow the 2014 Chatanika Challenge!

The race has started. Updates here

Musher list with bib numbers (start order):

Two Rivers 200 mile race

  1. Arthur Sutton
  2. Will Rhodes
  3. Nick Guy
  4. Raelynn Shover
  5. Rolland Trowbridge
  6. Riley Dyche
  7. Kristin Knight Pace
  8. Yuka Honda
  9. Mary Helwig
  10. Alan Eischens
  11. Patrick Beall
  12. Benjamin Good
  13. Chris Ciancibelli
  14. Matt Hall
  15. Tony Angelo
  16. Joanna Jagow
  17. Shaynee Seipke
  18. Amanda Gecas
  19. Thomas Lesatz
  20. Cody Strathe
  21. Zoya Denure
  22. Stephanie Ehlenfeldt

Two Rivers 100 mile race

3. Pato Geron
4. Derek Patton
5. Dennis Kananowicz


2013 TRDMA Rabies Clinic – writeup

Every season, the first event organized by the  Two Rivers Dog Mushers Association is not a race, but our annual rabies vaccination clinic in collaboration with Dr. Jeanne Olson, DMV, of Raven Veterinary Services in North Pole. Low-price rabies shots are available for a low price ($10 for a dog and $15 for a cat), and we usually manage to get well over 100 — in busy years several 100 — dogs and cats up to date with their rabies protection. The event is also an opportunity for mushers to exchange race plans, gossip, and news from their dogs. It is also nice to mix with the Two Rivers and Pleasant Valley neighbors, who bring in their pets.

Yesterday was this year’s date, and it was the first time we used the Pleasant Valley Community Center (right behind the Pleasant Valley Store) as a base of operations. It turned out to be a pleasant and roomy space, with tables to sit down at for animal owners to fill in their paperwork. After a very busy first hour — everyone seemed to arrive on the dot at noon when we opened — things calmed down a bit, and we ended up with 152 vaccinated animals (144 dogs and 8 cats).

Many thanks to Dr. Olson, to Stephanie Ehlenfeldt for organizing everything and Life Rhythms Massage for sponsoring the rental of the space. Also to the Pleasant Valley Community Association for being great to work with, and the following volunteers:

  • Abbie West
  • Judy Currier
  • Debbie Seegall 
  • Cindy Kirgan (who also brought the most excellent baklava)
  • Greg Stoddard
  • Becky Cummings
  • Chris Waigl 

(Please leave a comment if anyone is misspelled!)

Next TRDMA vaccination clinic: In a year.

Next TRDMA date to note: Monday, October 7, 7:30 PM, Two Rivers School — membership and volunteer meeting.

To finish, a few pictures for your enjoyment.

dog being vaccinated, with vet and owner

Is it my turn now? (With Dr. Jeanne Olson and Torben Metzner.)

Dr. Olson and Torben - paperwork done

Torben and Dr. Olson look happy with the papwork

A lull in the paperwork, finally

Stephanie and Debbie enjoying a lull in the papwerwork

2013/14 season start: first meeting, board election, and rabies vaccination clinic

The season is starting! Please note the following dates and events:

  • Our first membership & volunteer meeting will take place on September 16, 2013, at 7:30 pm at the Two Rivers School. You can renew your membership during the meeting. Starting October, we will return to the first-Monday-of-the-month schedule. The most important agenda items are:
    1. Filling the vacant board seats
    2. Our race schedule and start of preparations for the Two Rivers 200
    3. Sponsorship and marketing
    4. Licensing obligations
  • Our annual rabies vaccination clinic run by Dr. Olson of Raven Veterinary Services, North Pole, will take place on Saturday, September 20, 2013 from noon to 4pm at the Pleasant Valley Community Center. Please pre-register here or via the form below, and then download and print the animal list sheet and bring it completed to the event. (with each animals name, age (first rabies vaccine? or booster?), color, weight, sex (intact?), and the ownerʼs name, address, and phone number). You can also print our flyer and help spread the word.

The TRDMA is getting a new web site!

Welcome to the new TRDMA web site! We want to offer our members, supporters and the interested public a much better web presence. As I am posting this, the first stage in our transition is in progress. Here is the plan:

  1. Transition all the content from our old web site at (including historical race results etc) to the new site (currently at
  2. Transition our mailing list to the new server.
  3. Switch the domain name back from to
  4. Add new features such as automated on-line sign up, merchandise etc.

Why is this so complicated?

Mostly this process is so complicated because we don’t only have to move a site but also a mailing list. The second reason is that our old site is a very manual and hard-to-maintain site and our new site uses a content management system (WordPress). The old site has been hosted for us for free by a member (many thanks!!), but with the new site we are moving to a large-scale web host. This is a transition for our very small team of volunteers!

Thank you for your patience, and please let us know in the comments what you think and what you’d most like to see here!