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Solstice canceled, Burger Run is back!

With the unfortunate cancellation of the 2016 Solstice 50 we am happy to announce the return of the Burger Run, which will take place on Feb 25th, 2017.

The race will start at Pleasant Valley Store and Finish at Angel Creek Lodge.
For an Entry Fee of $30 (plus current membership), each musher and one handler per sign-up will get a burger at Angel Creek Lodge at the end of the race.
Sign-ups will be the morning of the race.  Up to 12 dogs in a team. Also open to ski-Jor teams!

There is no purse for this race…. but hopefully we will have prizes 🙂
More details coming as we get closer.

(Also, remember our big event, the Two Rivers 200/100 races in January 2017)

Two Rivers 200 and 100 miles / Chatanika Challenge: Watch this space!

Our race planning and trail teams are hard at work preparing for the 2015 Chatanika Challenge dog sled races. This site will be updated shortly to provide you with more information, but for the moment, here is what we can tell you:
  • The race dates remain as announced, March 13-15, 2015, with a required bib draw and mushers’ meeting on Thursday March 12.
  • There will be a 200 mile and a 100 mile class.
  • The race will run through the same areas as in previous years — from the Chatanika valley over to the Two Rivers trail system and the Chena River State Recreation Area, ending at the Pleasant Valley store.
  • However, because of the increased logging activity and the overall bad state of some of our trails caused by the weather of the last two years, we have been looking at some changed and entirely new sections, to ensure we can offer all our racers an interesting event over a full 200 miles. As a consequence, checkpoint locations and even the exact start location are still being decided upon.
  • Sign-up will be entirely online, opening on Sunday February 8 at noon Alaska time.
  • Entries will be limited to 25 in the 200 mile class and 15 in the 100 mile class. If we receive more entries, available race slots will be filled on a first-come basis (complete & paid-up entries only) and the remaining applicants will be placed on a waiting list. This limitation is rather conservative, and if we find we have more space than expected we may revise the limit.
  • We will need volunteers to staff checkpoints, help with the start and general logistics. If you are available on the race weekend or shortly before, please leave a message here or on our Facebook page.
All other information will be provided in a few days — we’re working hard on hammering out the details. So watch this space – the race is on!


2014 Chatanika Challenge – less than 2 weeks to go!

We just updated the 2014 Two Rivers 100/200 (Chatanika Challenge) page with a musher listing — a great field it is! As of today, the following mushers are confirmed for sign-up.

Two Rivers 200 mile race

  1. Joanna Jagow
  2. Mary Helwig
  3. Patrick Beall
  4. Jeff Deeter
  5. Kristin Knight Pace
  6. Rolland Trowbridge
  7. Will Rhodes
  8. Stephanie Ehlenfeldt
  9. Alan Eischens
  10. Steve Watkins
  11. Benjamin Good
  12. Shaynee Seipke
  13. Zoya Denure
  14. Thomas Lesatz
  15. Jessie Holmes

Two Rivers 100 mile race

  1. Derek Patton

(We have contacted a few of them for some clarifications, so please come back to us. Also, if you have signed up but are missing above, please send email to so that we can sort out the situation.)

Because of scarce parking this year at Chatanika Lodge, the field is limited to 25 mushers. So if you want to sign up yet, please do so as soon as possible.

Details of trail conditions and layout, as well as a confirmation of time and place of mushers’ meeting and banquet will be posted within the next few days.

We also need volunteers! If you can spare some time, or could do some photocopying or printing for us, please either send email to or contact us via the Facebook page.

We also need funds to feed our snow machines, buy supplies and pay fees! You can support us by becoming a member, or by using the Donate! button in the side bar of this page.

2013 Solstice sign-ups — we have snow!


Photo: Rod Boyce


The last few weeks, winter has gotten underway here in interior Alaska. A month ago, there was talk of a snow-free Halloween (narrowly avoided), but now, with a two good feet on the ground and some ice in the middle from a bout of freezing rain, things look different. The trails aren’t deeply set yet, and people are still exploring and opening the main routes, but it looks good for our Solstice races, scheduled for Dec. 21, three weeks from now.

Some sign-ups have been trickling in by mail. The status as of Nov. 30 is:

Solstice 50:

  • Moira Shepherd
  • Ryne Olson

Solstice 100:

  • Aliy Zirkle
  • Allen Moore
  • Heidi Sutter
  • Meghan Luke
  • Rod Boyce
  • Seth Barnes

We’ve heard interest from a lot more people, so send in your entries and/or come to the next TRDMA meeting (at 7 pm Monday Dec. 2 at the Two Rivers School) to help with the preparatory work.