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Valley Funale

The 2016 Valley Funale took place Saturday March 26, 2016. After several days of thawing trails were quite marginal, but a bunch of snow and many enthusiastic juniors (thanks to the Junior Dogmushers of Interior Alaska!) made for a lively day. Results are below:

Adults 20 miles / up to 10 dogs

PositionBib #NameMilesTime OutTime InTotal TimeDogs
11Hamblin, Heather2011:0013:02:422:02:428

Adults 10 miles / up to 6 dogs

Pos. of FinishBib #NameMilesTime OutTime InTotal TimeDogs
19Manning, Beth1011:1612:21:291:05:296
25Hewitt, Rose1011:0812:20:221:12:225
36Jagow, Joanna1011:1012:24:261:14:266
48Sutton, Iris1011:1412:32:281:18:286
52Ruckhaus, Nina1011:0212:25:551:23:555
63Tenney, Victoria1011:0412:30:241:26:246
77Fabian, Rob1011:1212:47:141:35:146
84Warf, Andrew1011:0612:48:091:42:094

Juniors 3 miles/ up to 4 dogs

Pos. of FinishBib #NameJunior/SkiijorTotal Time
16Shawcroft, RachelJunior0:13:22
21Carrow, AlissaJunior0:14:15
314Boyce, EdieJunior0:15:01
44Wappett, NelsonJunior0:15:50
57Brown, SawyerJunior0:16:03
611Good, WilliamJunior0:16:18
75Shawcroft, JamesJunior0:16:30
812Laney, AverieJunior0:17:02
98George, ParkerJunior0:18:00
1010Meyer, LucieJunior0:18:19
1113Parker, MacynJunior0:19:15
129West, EthanJunior0:19:23
132Carrow, JustinJunior0:21:23
143Wappett, HannahJunior0:22:2

Ski-jor 3 miles

115Chase, ChantelleAdult-skiijor0:33:26
116Meyer, CassidyJunior-skijor0:21:26

Kidsโ€™ loop / 2 dogs

Pos of FinishBib #NameTime
110Oden Leifler00:36.23
24Emily Robinson00:40.40
314Noah Meierotto00:41.91
43Maddy Harosia00:46.83
58Jacob Smith00:47.60
69Sam Crowe00:49.46
75Stanley Robinson00:56.81
815Brooks Rayborn01:00.66
916Raisa Brown01:06.91

Kidsโ€™ loop / 1 dog

Pos of FinishBib #NameTime
12Hazel Sutton00:58.16
21Kylee Hinkkenan01:00.82
37Timber Watkin01:01.54
417Ruan Parker01:01.79
56Isaiah Posey01:02.74
613Elijah De Mattio01:13.19