Two Rivers 200/100 2021 Logistics Update

Below you will find the newest plan of attack on logistics for the 2021 Two Rivers 200/100.

200 Mile Entrants and Date Registered

  1. Jjay Levy 11Nov2020
  2. Ben Turman 14Nov2020
  3. Deke Naaktgeboren 16Nov2020
  4. Martin Sparks 18Nov2020
  5. Marla Brodsky 05Dec2020
  6. Allen Dunn 07Dec2020
  7. Emily Fuld 20Dec2020
  8. Kelly Ridley 07Jan2021
  9. Joe Taylor 31Jan2021

100 Mile Entrants and Date Registered

  1. Jessica Oโ€™Connor 17Nov2020
  2. Shane Blumentritt 19Dec2020 11:20am
  3. Kathleen Frederick 19Dec2020 4:09 pm
  4. Jennifer LaBar 28Dec2020
  5. Dinah Patten 01Jan2021
  6. Julie Scherma 09Jan2021
  7. Emma Lewis 27Jan2021

TRDMA will NOT require race participants to take a COVID19 test prior to the race.  However, TRDMA has made some important logistical changes to this yearโ€™s Two Rivers 100/200 that reflect COVID19 safety precautions for race participants, volunteers and the local community.   The changes are intended to eliminate all indoor meetings for the race and other logistics that will allow participants to practice social distancing and limit contact with others during the race. 

Mushers may use their vehicles as a warming, resting and eating location at the various checkpoints along the race. 

When inside the start or checkpoint facilities, mushers, handlers, officials and volunteers must wear a mask.  Non-race participants will not be allowed in the Pleasant Valley Community Center (PVCC) and 52 Mile Checkpoint buildings. 

When outside at race events, mushers, handlers, volunteers and fans must practice 6-foot social distancing or properly wear a mask when closer to others. 

There will be NO indoor group meetings required for the race.  

  1. There will NOT be a pre-race meeting on Thursday night, Feb 25 at Two Rivers Lodge. 
  2. Race check-in, check of dog vaccination records, and bib handouts will occur outside in the parking lot at Chatanika Lodge starting at 9:00am Friday, February 26.   Start order will be determined by order of registration in each race, as shown in the entrant lists above.
  3. The Musher Meeting will occur outside in the parking lot starting at 10:00am Friday, Feb 26.
  4. The 200 Mile race is still scheduled to start at Friday Feb 26 at 12:00 noon with the 100 Mile race starting immediately afterwards.

There will be NO group Banquets for the race.  However, food will be available for mushers, handlers and volunteers at checkpoints along the race.  At all locations food for mushers and handlers can be gotten as take away, if they prefer to eat in their trucks. 

  1. A breakfast buffet will be served by Chatanika Lodge from 10:00am-12 noon.  The meal can be eaten inside the lodge or as take away.  There will be no charge for the breakfast buffet for race mushers and one handler each, no charge for race officials, vets or other start volunteers; $15 for others. 
  2. Dinner meals will be available at the Pleasant Valley Community Center (PVCC) Checkpoint for race participants, officials and overnight volunteers.  Meals can be eaten inside the checkpoint or as carry away.   A rest area for mushers only will be set up inside the PVCC checkpoint. Warm water will be available for dogs inside the checkpoint.  
  3. A meal will be available for race participants at the 52 Mile Checkpoint.  Meals can be eaten inside the checkpoint cabin or as carry away.  A rest area for mushers will be available inside the checkpoint cabin.  Warm water will be available for dogs in snow melt barrels.   

There will be no Finish banquet at the end of the races, although prizes and purse checks will be given out to the first three places in each race as soon as finish placements are made official.  

If you have any questions about the following, please feel free to email or contact us via the contact form by clicking here.

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