Updates and the New

Your webmaster here! I wanted to share some website updates and some new things the website is offering. ALSO, remember signups are up for our first annual Bun Run as well as the Two Rivers 200/100!


  • We have changed the dates for the Two Rivers 200/100 to match RunSignUp. This shouldn’t be a problem now.
  • Every format going forward should have race rules as view-able from the web page.
  • We have gotten rid of the ‘Sponsors’ tab and have added a ‘Contributions’ tab instead. This was decided so that our monetary and item donations are able to be accounted for in a more organized manner. Listed sponsors will be added very soon.

The New

  • We have added merchandise to the website. Please note this is almost ready to use, and still under construction. We are in the process of finishing the details. I will let folks know when it is indeed ready.
  • The ‘archives’ tab as removed. This will be added this spring to the bottom footer of the website.

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