TR 200/100 SignUps and Website Updates

Your handy webmaster here! Here are a few updates:

TR 200/100: The Two Rivers 200/100 signups will be available Saturday, October 26th at 9 am. They would be ready to go up now, but to make it equal for everyone, we have decided to have them on a weekend day. Everything is auto set, so they will run.

Website Updates: The website is just about done. The hardest and most tedious part will be going back through to find all of the archives from the last 10 years. It is a work in progress that I am still working on, I promise. Other then that, everything is finished. You can now view the newest up and coming events, sponsors, memberships are now available to sign up, we have added a volunteer sign up section, and the contact page. I do apologize it has taken this long, but the good news is, there is a 99% chance this will NEVER happen again. =)

Solstice 50: The solstice 50 sign ups will most likely be open on November 16th at 9am. Everything is ready to roll for them as well.

I hope everyone’s training is going well and mush on.

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