Happy New Year: Solstice 50/100 in 3…2…1… days

A very happy, inspiring and beneficial new year 2015 to all our members, supporters and friends!

Our 2014/15  is finally getting started tomorrow, January 2, 2015, with our Solstice 50/100 race, rescheduled from the original date 2 weeks ago. And we have to hurry — the days are already getting longer. Our trail crew has put it tireless work to assemble a full 100 mile trail (50 out, 50 back), starting at the Pleasant Valley Store, mile 23 Chena Hot Springs Road. We still have race slots available, so come along on raceday and sign up (between 8 am and 9 am)!

All information as well as race updates on this year’s Solstice race page.