Sponsors, sponsors, sponsors… and updates

It’s been snowing the last two days, and the decision about this year’s Solstice race will be taken shortly. Until this week, the outlook was very bleak! Stay posted.

Meanwhile, the season is underway. A record 342 dogs (and 4 cats) were vaccinated against rabies (full report to follow), trails are being inspected and repaired after this destructively wet summer, and our board has been busily asking for sponsors.

We’re particularly happy to welcome back our local mushing supplies store, Cold Spot Feeds, who have been a great support to our club over many years.

Cold Spot logo 4 CMYKWe’ve also had some great response to our new for bib sponsorships and will publish the list shortly. Want to become a sponsor? Don’t know what a bib sponsorship is? See our sponsorship flyer!

Our you could come to our December meeting, tonight (Wed. Dec 3) at 7 pm at the Two Rivers Lodge.

2 thoughts on “Sponsors, sponsors, sponsors… and updates

  1. Edda

    Hi guys,
    Sorry to contact you this way.
    When do you start taking entries for the Chatanika challenge?
    Will you have a specific web site for it?
    Thanks heaps

    1. admin

      Hi Edda,

      Sign-ups for the Chatanika Challenge will likely start in January. We’ll announce them on our Facebook group — see Sidebar — and there will be a page just like there is one now for the Solstice race.

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