2017 TRDMA board elections and other announcements

At our next regular monthly membership meeting, we will be holding the annual board elections, on Wednesday April 5, 2017, 7pm at Two Rivers Lodge.

We have multiple open board positions to fill. Please come, vote, and consider volunteering, to continue the excellent work started by the current board!

Board positions:

Vice President – Open
Secretary – Lia Amundsen
Treasurer – Ryne Olson
Musher at large – Matt Hall

Non-board positions:

Volunteer Coordinators – Cathy Turinsky & Amanda Smith
Web master: Chris Waigl
Trail Boss – Open
Sponsorship Committee – Open

In other news, our annual end-of-season event and potluck, the Valley Funale, will take place on Saturday, March 25 at the Pleasant Valley Store. Volunteers are needed! Follow the link for more information!

The 2017 Two Rivers 200/100 is here!


Two Rivers 200

Bib # Musher Time out
1 Heidi Sutter 12:00
2 Jay Cadzow 12:02
3 Lia Amundsen 12:04
4 Severin Cathry 12:06
5 Richie Hawke Beattie 12:08
6 Lauro Eklund 12:10
7 Jodi Bailey 12:12
8 Martin Apayauq Reitan 12:14
9 Jeremy Traska 12:16
10 Allen Dunn 12:18
11 Deke Naaktgeboren 12:20
12 Jesse Brattrud 12:22
13 Joanna Jagow 12:24
14 Ruth Reinup Nilson 12:26
15 Wayne Curtis 12:28
16 Amanda Brooks 12:30
17 Luther Buhr 12:32
18 Chase Tingle 12:34

Two Rivers 100

Bib # Musher Time out
1 Judy Currier 12:36
2 Emma Lewis 12:38
3 Aliy Zirkle 12:40
4 Chris Parker 12:42
5 Matt Shawcroft 12:44
6 Amanda Gecas 12:46
7 Andrew Wappett 12:48


  • Thursday Jan 19th, 6 PM: Bib draw and start banquet at Two Rivers Lodge. Spaghetti Feed ($15) Mushers must bring vaccination records!
  • Friday Jan 20th, 9 AM: Breakfast buffet at Chatanika lodge ($14.50). Start at noon!
  • Finish is expected some time Saturday afternoon at Pleasant Valley Store. The store will be open all night Friday and Saturday.
  • Finishers’ and awards banquet Sunday 22nd, 5 PM, Two Rivers Lodge ($28)
  • More information on the race page.


Solstice canceled, Burger Run is back!

With the unfortunate cancellation of the 2016 Solstice 50 we am happy to announce the return of the Burger Run, which will take place on Feb 25th, 2017.

The race will start at Pleasant Valley Store and Finish at Angel Creek Lodge.
For an Entry Fee of $30 (plus current membership), each musher and one handler per sign-up will get a burger at Angel Creek Lodge at the end of the race.
Sign-ups will be the morning of the race.  Up to 12 dogs in a team. Also open to ski-Jor teams!

There is no purse for this race…. but hopefully we will have prizes 🙂
More details coming as we get closer.

(Also, remember our big event, the Two Rivers 200/100 races in January 2017)

2016 Rabies Vaccination Clinic: Oct 29

The Two Rivers Dog Mushers’ Association is kicking off the 2016/17 season with our annual TRDMA rabies vaccination clinic, run by Dr. Jeanne Olson of Raven Veterinary Clinic, North Pole. It will take place on Saturday, October 29, 2016 from 11 am to 3 pm at the Two Rivers Community Center (behind the Pleasant Valley Store, milepost 23). You can get your pet or whole kennel vaccinated for the low cost of $10 per dog or $15 per cat (prices subject to change based on the price of the vaccine).

Payment by cash or check, please.

To help getting everyone served without long waiting times, please pre-register and bring a kennel animal list. Here is how it works:

Step 1

Complete the form below (or go to the form on a new page).

Step 2

Download the animal list form, print it out at home, complete it, and bring it along. This form is important! It helps us with the event logistics and will remain in Dr. Olson’s records. (We will have forms on hand during the event.)

Step 3

Show up with your whole gang!

2016 Valley Funale is on!

Join us and Pleasant Valley Store for the Annual Valley Funale!

UPDATE: Results are available here.

20 Mile Adult – up to 10 dogs
10 Mile Adult – up to 6 dogs
4 Mile Juniors ( also Ski Jor and Adult Fun Run course)
Kids Enclosed circle course
(remember this is a non purse event)

Race fees are –
Current Members Free
$5 for kids
$10 Adult and Junior Non Members

Easter Egg Hunt provided by Pleasant Valley Store
Burgers and Hot Dogs Provided by TRDMA and our new Event Sponsor Kinross Ft Knox!
Pot Luck – Bring a Side Dish!

Be a Two Rivers 200 race volunteer!

Interested in volunteering at the Two Rivers 200 and 100 mile race, which starts in two weeks (Jan. 22-24)? Come join us at the volunteer meeting on January 15 at 6 pm at the Pleasant Valley Community Center (right behind the Pleasant Valley store, mile 23 Chena Hot Springs Road). We’re looking for helpers for start, time keeping, road crossings, and all checkpoints, communications etc. etc….

And if you are available, come out to the regular TRDMA January meeting tonight, January 6, at 6 pm at the Two Rivers Lodge. Or write us at info AT trdma.org, or send us a message via our Facebook page.